That Conference 2015 - Are you an explorer? IoT and Blazing your own trail

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SharePoint– Related data from REST queries to dynamically generate tables of checkboxes within a panel.

Tuesday, April 22 2014 - 1 comments

In this post, we expand on our dynamic checkboxes from the last post.   Managing SharePoint list choice options can be challenging. The benefit of choices is that they provide a consistent means to analyze the list information.  You most likely want to maintain a fairly tight control on the choices so that they can be used for filtering.  Many times, this means that either the IT team members or a business p rocess owner (site admin) must maintain these choices on request.  Additionally, if the forms for the list are customized, changes in the list will likely result in the...

SharePoint Checkboxes (Allow multiple selections) – Changing the label text.

Sunday, October 06 2013 - 0 comments

This MiniBlog is a quick post to share a little jQuery solution to a requirement.  The user requirement was to provide a way for the end user to add’ ad hoc’ values to multiple choice column and provide a label to specifically identify the user input being requested.    The project was a system change control application based on a customized event calendar.  One of the fields of the event was to define the scope of the impact of the proposed change.  Some of the scope options were easy to define – LAN, WAN, Voice, Domain, but, there was also a requirement to capture the...

SharePoint 2010 HTML5 and IE9 Compatibility Issues

Saturday, November 24 2012 - 0 comments

Hi folks. I decided it was time to provide an update, particularly as relates to SP2010 and HTML5 compatibility. Over the months, I’m sure many of you who have played with this package have stumbled across some of the “gotchas” of HTML5 in SharePoint 2010. Particularly with some of the JavaScript in SharePoint there were some unfortunate and unexpected behaviors and failures in functionality. I cannot claim credit for most of the work that went into these patches. The majority of the credit goes to Matt Olson who spent a great deal of effort analyzing and proposing solutions for...

SharePoint 2010: Using Modernizr and Polyfills in your sandbox

Tuesday, March 20 2012 - 0 comments

This is part 4 of the series.  If  you’re picking up the series at this point and you have difficulty following along, take a moment and review the prior posts.   In the last post, we had just linked Modernizr into the project.  in the process of reviewing our modifications, I noticed an error in our strategy (OK, I admit it, I made a mistake).  Let me explain.  When we install our solution, we are installing it in the root site of our site collection so that it available for all sub sites of the root site.  Rather than using the “~site” placeholder in our path...

SharePoint 2010: Dealing With MasterPage Customizations on the Dialog Pages, and an Introduction to Modernizr.

Tuesday, March 06 2012 - 0 comments

In this, part 3 of the series: SharePoint 2010, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery & The JavaScript Client Object Model, we are going to cover three items.  At the end of the last post, I pointed out one of the “gotchas” when working with custom SharePoint Masterpages.  When we added our toggle button to the Masterpage, we also, inadvertently, added the button to the SharePoint Dialog pages.  In this post, we will explore how you can control the differences between the SharePoint pages and dialog pages within your masterpage customizations.  Then we’ll introduce you to Modernizer, and...

SharePoint 2010 : Toggling the Left Navigation Bar with jQuery

Saturday, February 25 2012 - 0 comments

This is part 2 of the series: SharePoint 2010, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery & The JavaScript Client Object Model .  In this post, we will be leveraging some of our previous efforts at integrating  jQuery into our SharePoint 2010 HTML5 masterpage template and use jQuery “toggle()” to collapse and expand the left navigation panel.  I find it annoying to have two masterpages, one with the left navigation and one without.  In some cases, the left navigation panel can be redundant to the content in the page and interferes with the ability to comfortably fit a three column page layout...

SharePoint 2010, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery & The JavaScript Client Object Model

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WHAT & WHY: It’s been a while since my last post.  If, like me, you’re in a hurry or impatient, you may choose to jump ahead to the “HOW” section  of this post– I won’t be offended.  This post begins what will be series regarding SharePoint 2010 and how to squeeze the most out of the platform.   SharePoint, a server product of the Microsoft Office Product Suite, is a terribly-complex and wonderfully-simple product.  I know, that’s a contradiction.   One of the key objectives of SharePoint is to allow the “Knowledge Worker” (business user) to automate and organize...

Diskeeper 2010 – An New Face on an Underappreciated Old Friend.

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I’m sure we all have them. A good friend. We know they’re good because even though we seldom remember them, they are always there for us when we need them. That’s been my relationship with Diskeeper over the years. It’s almost embarrassing that the only time I seem to think about this product is when I receive the upgrade notifications. That’s not a bad thing. When was the last time you had a software product that did its job so effectively and transparently that you never needed to think about it? Well, recently I bought a new quad-core 64bit monster with 4.5 TB of...

jQuery, Dynamic HTML and Dealing With eForms of Indeterminate Size.

Saturday, January 02 2010 - 1 comments

jQuery, Dynamic HTML and Dealing With eForms of Indeterminate Size.

While waiting for more feedback from the team for my SiteFinity Project , I thought I would share some valuable discoveries in using jQuery to develop a Web Client eForm. For those of you who are writing client-side Web code, if you haven’t already discovered jQuery, then you’re making your job much harder than it needs to be. This post will attempt to give you a peek at the power and flexibility of this JavaScript library to solve a fairly common issue in web based application design – building a form that is capable of handling multiple details lines (e.g. lines of details on...