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ParaTechnica was founded in 2001 by President & CEO, Daniel C. Kline.

With over 25 years of IT and IT management experience across many roles and disciplines, Dan brings a depth of skill and experience seldom found in today's world of specializations.  The following is a summary of some of those skills and experiences:




Process Reengineering ~ Budget Preparation ~ System Security Management

Contract Negotiation ~ Network Design & Implementation


Extensive experience in IT Management, with solid background in analyzing system requirements, developing corporate strategies, and providing technical training and support. Assessed business requirements and designed appropriate solutions to enhance productivity and profitability and achieve corporate objectives. Implemented and improved networks, systems, and processes spanning multiple locations. Able to communicate effectively with internal and external clients, offering superior support to ensure complete satisfaction. Accomplishments include: 


·         Merged voice and data systems of two corporations with mixed Nortel, Windows NT, and UNIX environment, and established LANS, WANS, VoF, IP, SNMP, and e-mail systems.

·         Designed and implemented automated production budgeting system, saving more than $60K annually.

·         Saved thousands of dollars per year in contract negotiations through RFP bid process and transferring equipment maintenance contracts to insurance-based services.

·         Installed first Nortel unified message system under beta program, generating more than $50K in cost savings.

·         Coded and installed system customizations to improve order entry and sales reporting functions, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.




.Net Programming

Crystal Reports

Microsoft Office

LAN/WAN Transports

Managed Services

Intel Macro Assembler

Pick Basic/Assembler


Delphi 5



Web Hosting



C Programming

DOS 6.x





Ring Services

CGI Concepts



Visual Basic

Frame Relay



Cisco Networking






ASP.Net 2.0




Stratagem Consulting Milwaukee,  WI                                                                                                                                 2008StratagemLogo

Developer II

ECM (Onbase) support and management, including custom reporting


Metavante Corp, Brown Deer, WI                                                                                                                                 2007-Present

Sr. Network Architect

      Voice & Data Network Design. Security, Network Monitoring and Management.


AT&T/SBC, Brookfield, WI                                                                                                                                                                2000–2006 sbclogo

Data Design Engineer/Systems Engineer/Technical Sales Executive

Provided presales technical support. Assessed customer requirements and designed, documented, and proposed appropriate technical solutions. Managed account relationships, and identified opportunities for revenue growth. Created project management interface documents, coordinating with project managers and field installers during implementation. Contributed in product strategy meetings, training sessions, and conferences.


·         Designed and delivered more than $14M in data equipment and networks within one year, receiving President’s Club Award for significant sales achievement.


LAUB & HORTON, INC., Milwaukee, WI  - Large Independent Insurance Agency                                                            1993–1999 Hortonlogo

Vice President/Chief Information Officer, 1993–1999

Planned, implemented, and managed corporate systems spanning multiple locations, including workstations, servers, networks, and voice/data equipment. Handled all phases of technology evaluation and rollout. Created RFPs, negotiated contracts, and coordinated system installations and conversions. Managed IT staff of six, providing training and support, and maintaining evaluation programs. Developed and managed annual budget of $242K for corporate IT needs. Participated in Nortel’s Customer Partner Program and Borland Connections Program.


·         Reorganized hardware and software maintenance and enhancement procedures, saving more than $60K annually and updating corporation with latest technologies.

·         Moved corporation to a networked Windows infrastructure supporting multiple sites and supporting Unified Messaging (Microsoft Exchange based) , VoFR,  HP OpenView monitoring and management,

·         Specified, negotiated and Implemented a Delphi System in the Acquired Hummel Company in Rolling Meadows.

·         Coordinated specification and outsourcing of automated system for health insurance policy management and sales, allowing division to grow at 100% annually without hiring additional support staff.

·          Specified, negotiated, and implemented 2  new PBX and communications systems -- Nortel Option 61c PBX with Option 11c remotes serving over 200 users in Milwaukee and Chicago

·         Managed Beta of Nortel Visit Messenger.  We were the first customer in the world for their Unified Messaging product and helped them through the first years of their rollout.  I also participated in the Nortel Customer Partner program, helping shape the changes in their products.


DONOVAN MANAGEMENT GROUP, Wethersfield, CT (Consultant to the Insurance Industry)                                   1990–1993

Account Manager

Provided ongoing IT and management consulting to customers in insurance industry. Offered remote and onsite support services. Performed business process engineering and established new methods and procedures. Specified, negotiated, and purchased new automation system. Advised software manufacturers, including Delphi Systems and Insurnet, regarding insurance systems and automation issues.


·         Merged two large insurance agencies (Posse/Walsh) under tight deadlines.

·         Specified, negotiated and implemented a new agency automation system.

·         Coordinated the infrastructure build at the new building (LAN).

·         Set up and installed new PC and applications at each workstation.

·         Converted data from 2 disparate systems onto the new system.


LAUB & HORTON, INC., Milwaukee, WI                                                                                                                                       1986–1990 Hortonlogo

Systems Analyst, 1986–1990

Provided system administration of legacy Pick-based Honeywell mainframe and related systems, and implemented PC interface. Developed B-Tree routines in assemblers to interface with Pick OS, allowing for instantaneous retrieval of
database information.


·         Integrated Insurnet Policy Management System with Escom Financial System decreasing redundancy and error in processes and data.

·         Automated production budgeting, cutting 60 days out of the process and saving hundreds of hours of VP level man-hours.

·         Designed and implemented automated direct bill reconciliation system, replacing daily manual reconciliation and saving more than $9K annually.



This project lasted 120 days with the physical move happening over a weekend.  The employees showed up to work at their new office and workstation on the following Monday with no interruption to the business and no issues.




Completed coursework in Electronic Engineering at Linn/Benton Community College, Albany, OR.

Completed coursework in Computer Science at Chemeketta Community College, Salem, OR.

Cumulative GPA 4.0


IEEE Member, 2004 - Present
Computer Society Member 2004 - Present
IAMCP-WI Board of Directors 2007 - Present
Microsoft Solution Partner, 2002 - Present
WI-INETA – Wisconsin .Net Users Group 2006 - Present
Microsoft Developer Network – Registered Partner, 1994 - Present
Nortel Solutions Partner, 1996 - 2000
Borland Connections Member 1993 - 1999







1983-1986  United Services Imaging – System Analyst


My earliest years of professional application development and support were 1983-1986 with United Services Imaging in West Bend, WI. USI was a  Radiology equipment and supplies - sales, service and support.

Systems Analyst.  During that period I worked with a CPM proprietary Mini-computer based system using a proprietary “basic-like” compiled language, CPL.  The applications where distribution, inventory, and  accounting.  During that time, I pinpointed significant errors in the average costing models of the inventory modules and implemented a fix to recaptured lost costs on sales of products that resulted in zero cost during invoicing.


Due to the lack of support from the vendor during the problem identification and resolution, the decision was made to replace the system.  I purchased a basic distribution and accounting  package based on the Pick OS.  Pick was an early virtual machine OS developed  by Macdonald Douglas under contract with the US government.  It’s unique feature was a strong relational database at the operating system level.  Even the operating system itself worked with data dictionaries that were an intrinsic architecture of the OS.  Over the following years, using Pick Basic,  I customized the application to the business needs.  This included the development of   Customized systems to improve order entry and sales reporting.  Programmed group sales contract management, rebate management, and automated quotations and proposals.


1986 – 1990 Laub Group, Inc. – Systems Analyst MIS


In 1986,  I was hired by Laub Group Inc. as a Systems Analyst/MIS to displaced several consulting firms on failed application integration projects.  Laub Group, a large independent insurance agency, was running on the Pick OS and was running Escom Financials and the Insurnet Agency Automation packages.  During that period my custom development projects, written predominantly in Pick Basic,  included:

  • An automated production budgeting system.
  • Integration of the Insurnet (production) and Escom(financial) systems.
  • A direct bill reconciliation system.
  • B-tree routines for Pick in assembly code.


 1990-1993  Donovan Management Group – IT Management Consultant

Due to market downturns and budget cuts,  I joined Donovan Management Group in 1990 as an IT management Consultant.  During that time my experiences were very diverse.  The significant application development experiences included the electronic data conversion between disparate systems to facilitate insurance agency mergers.  During this period, I worked predominantly in Basic, C and PC Macro Assemblers.

1993-1999  Laub  Group Inc. – VP/CIO

In 1993, I was invited back to Laub Group as a VP/CIO to manage the migration to the PC Network Infrastructure.  My earliest projects involved supplemental databases and applications with Borland Pascal.  Due to my involvement in the Borland Pascal community, I was invited and attended the Borland Delphi rollout as a member of the Borland Connections Program.  Existing Pascal applications where ported to Delphi and new development projects, which included a group health policy management system where developed in Delphi (at that point Delphi 3.0).  The Turbopower toolsets where used for RAD development of new applications as well as the PC interface to the legacy Pick mini-based applications.


1994 – 1995 The Friends of Lac Lawrann, Inc. – Founding President

In 1994,  I founded The Friends of Lac Lawrann, Inc – a 501(c)3 corporation supporting a 100 acre nature conservancy in the City of West Bend.  During my 3 year tenure as the president, I developed a volunteer and membership management system  in Delphi 5.0. 


2005 – Present – Friends of the Cedarburg Bog Inc. – Founding President FOCB_LogoSm

In August of 2005, I founded  The Friends of the Cedarburg Bog, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization supporting the Cedarburg Bog State Natural Area.  I am in current development of a volunteer/member management system.  The application is ASPNET/ADONET 2.0 web based 3 tier application.  The DAL is being built using the Subsonic Open-Source toolset within Visual Studio 2005 Pro.  The  Infragistics NetAdvantage toolset is being used for RAD development. The business logic layer is being hand coded.  The underlying database is SQL Server 2005.  The application will allow anywhere/anytime access to member/volunteer and event management.  Future enhancements to the project will include web-parts and SharePoint Integration to facilitate project management by the committee chairs, and document management.  Additionally, I will be investigating the possibility of providing financial management and reporting applications for the Board and Treasurer.


This represents a snapshot of some of the highlights of my development experiences.  During my career, I’ve consulted with several major corporations on software development efforts including  Insurnet, Delphi (Insurance automation – not Borland), and Nortel.  I was involved with Nortel’s Alpha program and was the first site in the world to implement their Unified Messaging Platform (which at that time was named Visit Messenger).  My role with Nortel was not in applications development, but rather implementation feedback and bug reporting and resolution.  Due to my involvement with Nortel, I was invited and participated as a Nortel Solutions Partner (providing guidance to the product development teams) for the following 2 years until leaving Laub Group in 1999. 


Since May of  2006, I have been deeply involved in ASPNET and DotNet /CLR study.  Application development remains a passion in my life and the need for application security will drive the marketplace to managed applications, CLR and DotNet.  My objective is to position myself for the huge demand  for developer and architect skills caused by this migration. Over the next few weeks, I will be taking the 070-528 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Web-Based Client Development test for certification and will be continuing with coursework to achieve  my MCSD and MSCE certifications.  I am currently a registered Microsoft Partner and IAMCP  board  member.