DevForce EF RC1 and other notes

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First a short note, but not really an apology. I've been a bit busy lately. Have you ever had one of those days where you stumble across a technology and you know you have a good handle on it, but when you try to bring it into focus, you just can't wrap your head around it. I had a few of those recently. The result, for me, was a commitment to spend some "back-to-the-basics' time. I frequently comment on how hard it can be to keep up in application development tools and technologies today. When you go back and fast forward, you can get a good understanding of why that pace seems so relentless...

DevForce EF (Beta 1)

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DevForce EF (Beta 1)

I had a call from John Douglas at IdeaBlade yesterday. He was actually following up on a previous call. These folks are very enthusiastic about their product and are very helpful. Unlike the last time he called, this time I followed his recommendation and visited the resource site for their Beta : . The result of the visit is that I am even more impressed by the company and the product. With the release of the Entity Framework approaching, it creates some real questions for those of us who are using ORM mapping tools. To their credit, IdeaBlade has...