Diskeeper 2010 – An New Face on an Underappreciated Old Friend.

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I’m sure we all have them.  A good friend.  We know they’re good because even though we seldom remember them, they are always there for us when we need them.    That’s been my relationship  with Diskeeper over the years.  It’s almost embarrassing that the only time I seem to think about this product is when I receive the upgrade notifications.  That’s not a bad thing.  When was the last time you had a software product that did its job so effectively and transparently that you never needed to think about it?


Well, recently I bought a new quad-core 64bit monster with 4.5 TB of disk space running Windows 7 Ultimate. It was love.  image


Of course, my least favorite part of a new machine is the migration.  Diskeeper was one of the last products that I updated on my machine (I actually forgot until I got the upgrade notice).  After installing the product and seeing the new features and the effect of 3 months of heavy disk IO due to installs and file copies, I felt it was time to draw attention to a product that well deserves attention.  When I started the manual defragmentation after the install, I was so shocked by the fragmentation of my drive, that it took me a while to realize that I should take a screen shot. This shot is after a few minutes of defragmentation with Diskeeper 2010.

As is quite apparent, a large portion of the data files on this drive are fragmented badly.  I was witnessing that hidden gremlin that turns a new monster machine into a snoozer. 




With three of these 1.5TB SATA drives, I was a little concerned about how much time would be consumed by the defragmentation process.  I like to let my machine have all the resources when it needs to move this much data.  Surprisingly, after just about one and a half hours, the process was complete on all three drives and I was back to forgetting about my old friend … after first poking around a bit and looking at the new features.


I won’t go through the new facts and features, here.  The vendor white papers do a better job than I could at DiskeeperTrialpresenting the information.  You can read about IntelliWrite and where to purchase the product here.  Or if you are more of a “hands-on”, “show me” person, like I am, then download a trial and see for yourself.  I warn you though, you may not want to survive without it after you the see the effect.




The real magic of this product, however, is in the results.  After about a month of running the product, here is a view of that same drive today.

image image

The second screen shot shows the magic behind the scenes activity that took place while I was busy using my machine.  Ignorance can be bliss, but this is one time when an old friend deserves a few well earned kind words.  If you work your machine hard, like i do, or tend to ignore system maintenance, like I do, and yet you demand all the performance you can squeeze out of your machine (I HATE waiting), then this isn’t a nice product, it’s an essential tool.  Don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself.

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